With every new product or service, Tacony keeps the customer in mind every step of the way. When you call a Tacony help line, you will speak with a real person, not a computer. Tacony is also committed to quality assurance. In-house engineers and quality assurance members test Tacony products before they are sold to the public. Additionally, Tacony moved manufacturing of many upright vacuum cleaners and its premium sewing furniture back to the United States. As a result, Tacony has created hundreds of American jobs.

Tacony Corporation has its roots in the sewing business and has been a leading distributor of sewing products for 70 years. In addition to high-quality Baby Lock sewing machines, Tacony Sewing Central is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Designer's Gallery embroidery software, Madeira home sewing thread, Klassé needles, Hemline luggage and more. Tacony also makes and distributes custom Koala Studios sewing furniture here in the U.S.A. and serves as a one-stop shop for industrial customers looking for quality machines and parts.
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Baby Lock
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Designer's Gallery
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Nancy's Notions
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Tacony Sewing Central
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Amazing Designs
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Tacony Industrial Sewing
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Koala Studios
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Baby Lock® has been a leader in the sewing industry for over 40 years. Today, the company offers a full line of products that enhance the love of sewing, including technically advanced sewing, embroidery and quilting machines, sergers, exclusive software, stabilizer and accessories.

Baby Lock has also provided the serging market with 14 patented innovations, including ExtraordinAir® and Jet-Air Threading® and an Automatic Thread Delivery system. These features make Baby Lock sergers the easiest to use, and prove that there is no substitute for a Baby Lock.

By selling products exclusively through independent Baby Lock retailers and offering industry-leading Gold Standard service and support, Baby Lock provides incredible service to its customers in addition to state-of-the-art machines and products.

Baby Lock is also a major underwriter of the popular PBS television shows "Sewing With Nancy," starring national sewing authority Nancy Zieman, "Quilt in a Day®," starring national quilting authority Eleanor Burns, and Fons & Porter's "Love of Quilting®," starring Marianne Fons and Mary Fons and works with many more recgonized and popular sewing celebrities and bloggers.

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Sewing enthusiasts of all skill levels rely on Nancy’s Notions for sewing inspiration, diverse notions, education and expert advice. Each year, Nancy’s Notions hosts educational events that draw enthusiasts from across the country to its flagship retail store, and develops patterns, books, embroidery designs and more under the Sewing with Nancy® brand.

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Tacony Sewing Central wholesales household and industrial machine parts in addition to offering an extensive variety of propriety and popular notions, thread, furniture and accessories for most sewing machine brands, including Simplicity Homecare, Creative Notions, Koala Studios, Madeira Thread, Klassé needles, Hemline luggage and notions, and Suzy’s bags and baskets.

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Amazing Designs provides an ever-growing variety of high-quality embroidery designs and software for the home sewer. Designs are available on CD or by download at amazingdesigns.com.

Amazing Designs also offers a number of other useful embroidery products, such as digitizing and editing software, memory card readers, and the original Stabilize It!® line of pre-cut stabilizer.

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Tacony Industrial Sewing Machines is a one-stop resource for quality brands of machines and parts. Tacony Industrials is a primary importer and distributor for most popular brands of industrial sewing equipment and is the exclusive distributor of the TACSEW brand, which emphasizes quality machines with convenient features at the most reasonable prices.

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Koala Studios bring versatility, beauty and optimal storage to any creative space. Each studio is designed by sewing and craft professionals and manufactured by furniture experts in the United States with the utmost quality and craftsmanship.

Koala Studios offers customized sewing studios and suites in eight elegant finishes. Customers select their favorite color, height and storage space before the studio is built so they end up with the personalized sewing room of their dreams.

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For almost 100 years, Madeira® has produced high-quality threads used by some of the world’s top designers. Quality-assurance testing is done to every spool of thread every step of the way to ensure strength, colorfastness and safety. Madeira dying procedures are eco-friendly so both the environment and the spool of thread are left toxin-free. In addition to thread, the company produces stabilizer and other sewing notions, all with the same quality standards in mind.

The same drive and expertise that has made Tacony Corporation a leader in sewing innovation carries over into its home floor care division. The Riccar and Simplicity brands are cornerstones in the company's tradition of superior design, materials and durability. In 2013, Tacony expanded its ability to serve vacuum consumers with the licensing of Maytag Vacuums. All three brands are manufactured in St. James, Missouri. In addition, Vac Pros, the OEM marketer of Fuller Brush, Clean Max, and Carpet Pro vacuum cleaners, provides retailers with products, parts and service to support these brands.
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Vac Pros
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Clean Max
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Fuller Brush Vacuums
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Maytag Vacuums
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Riccar Vacuums
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Simplicity Vacuums
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Vacuum Cleaner Museum
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Originally founded as a wholesale floor care parts and equipment company, Vac Pros provides retailers with a variety of products, the parts and know-how to stand behind the Riccar and Simplicity products. Vac Pros is also the OEM marketer of the Fuller Brush and Carpet Pro vacuum cleaner lines. High brand recognition combined with low exposure enables independent vacuum dealers to grow their businesses with these mid-priced vacuums. In addition, Vac Pros responds to commercial cleaning needs with its CleanMax brand of vacuums

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The CleanMax brand focuses on one thing…vacuums. For many commercial floor care companies, vacuums are an after-thought. They are often rebadged versions of household machines. CleanMax vacuums, on the other hand, come from a company that has been in the vacuum business for decades. The machines are so durable, easy to use, and practical that they’re used by cleaning staff in hotels, airports and offices across the United States.

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The Fuller Brush Company dedicates itself to solving home cleaning problems. Over 100 years ago, the company started with a focus on the finest quality brushes. People everywhere still associate the Fuller Brush name with the famous Fuller Brush Man and his helpful door-to-door business. Since then it has expanded into many areas. Today, the Fuller Brush Company still prides itself in high quality, performance-oriented products to clean your home.

For about 10 years, Tacony Corporation has licensed the Fuller Brush name for a full line of powerful home vacuum cleaners. Fuller Brush vacuums are built with durable, metal components. They’re also safe and effective on carpet, and many have the Carpet and Rug Institute seal of approval to prove it.

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Born of practicality, every Maytag vacuum is built to exceed the highest standards for quality and cleanliness. The result is an innovative machine as durable and dependable as the family who uses it. Introduced by Tacony Corporation in 2013, Maytag vacuums feature powerful motors, poof-proof bags and an advanced HEPA filtration system. Plus, they're Made in the USA at Tacony Manufacturing in St. James, Missouri.

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Riccar distributes a unique line of innovative vacuum cleaners. Riccar vacuums are built with the highest standards in design, material and durability. Its premier uprights, built in St. James, Missouri, feature the revolutionary Tandem Air System. The Tandem Air System combines two motor systems in one to effectively clean carpets while providing advanced filtration and proper suction for onboard tools. Riccar premier uprights also feature sealed HEPA filtration and the convenience of powerful on-board tools all in one machine.

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Built in the heart of America, St. James, Missouri, Simplicity's upright vacuums and premier canisters are designed with American ingenuity by American craftsmen, and feature the highest standards in design, material and durability. Simplicity's premier uprights also feature the groundbreaking Tandem Air System, sealed HEPA filtration and the convenience of powerful on-board tools all in one machine.

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Tens of thousands of visitors have delighted in quirky and educational tours of the Vacuum Cleaner Museum. Guests can self-guide or get fascinating trivia during a guided tour by curator Tom Gasko. Museum highlights include working vacuums that are more than a century old; several vacuums from St. Louisan Stan Kann's collection, some of which appeared on "The Tonight Show"; and the official vacuum cleaner of Air Force One. The museum is also home to the Factory Outlet Store for Maytag, Simplicity and Riccar vacuums, many of which are built right upstairs. The museum is right off Route 66 in St. James, Missouri and open to the public 9am-5pm, Mon.-Sat. (except holidays). Admission is free.

Tacony's family of floor care brands—CFR, Powr-Flite, Tornado and Truvox—provide innovative floor care products backed by cleaning industry know-how, extensive engineering and product development resources, and a large portfolio of patents. From hard floors to carpet, the warehouse to the boardroom, and hotels and schools to janitorial services our equipment and support will meet customers' unique cleaning needs while keeping the bottom line in mind.
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Truvox International
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Tornado Vac
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CFR designs and manufactures a complete range of carpet cleaning systems and high-performance specialty tools with innovative patented technology, Continuous Flow Recycling. CFR technology dramatically cuts chemical costs, is made of recyclable polyethylene, and provides superior cleaning, faster dry times and higher productivity, allowing CFR to deliver on the promise made in its positioning statement: Faster-Cleaner-Greener.

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Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Powr-Flite has been a leader in the commercial floor care industry for over 35 years, manufacturing and distributing a full line of easy-to-use and reliable equipment, parts, chemicals, accessories and supplies … everything for the commercial cleaner all in one convenient location. Power-Flite is also an OEM manufacturer and sells and distributes all over the world.

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In 2007, Tacony acquired Truvox International Ltd. Company in Southampton, England, expanding its international market with a vast range of cleaning and maintenance products for hard and soft floors, including rotary floor polishers, scrubbers, dryers, carpet extractors and vacuum cleaners.

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Tornado Industries has been a leading developer of floor care equipment since 1927. Tornado specializes in tackling the unique cleaning challenges of hospitals, public transportation, educational facilities and more. Tornado has maintained its "Best in Class" reputation by providing in-house cleaners, contractors and facility managers with innovative equipment and reliable solutions at a competitive price.

Regency has been recognized as a premier ceiling fan brand for 30 years. Ceiling fans and accessories are available in a multitude of finishes and textures, and range in looks from timelessly classic to progressively modern. As the innovator of ceiling fan customization with its Decor Match™ system and Mood Glow™ uplighting, the Regency brand is the choice for all indoor and outdoor room settings.
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Regency is a major distributor and designer of ceiling fans, ceiling fan lighting and accessories. Regency has positioned itself firmly on the leading edge of today’s ceiling fan industry with the Decor-Match™ system, a quality series of interchangeable fans, blades, light kits and controls that are combined to match a customer’s personal style and taste. They are the first in their industry to introduce LED light kits for all brands of their ceiling fans.

Regency products are manufactured with a focus on long-lasting, energy-efficient motors that increase comfort in a room while expending less energy. Fan blades are finished with the superior wood veneer to resist warping from moisture, and are computer balanced for smooth operation. Regency fans are simple to install, and every product comes with the full support of qualified Regency Fan retailers.



















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